Decorating My Home – Finding The Perfect Rug

dining room with rug photoAs we go through our daily lives we are surrounded by decor, but we may not stop to recognize it. Decor is apart of our homes, culture, and society. Decor can be very simple but powerful. There was a time in my life when I stopped to look around my living room and I saw a Native American picture hanging up on the wall. I never thought much about it because it has been there my whole life. Then I noticed the Indian rug that laid across from the fireplace.


It took me a while to stop and realize that the decor inside of my house is apart of the history of my family and where I come from. This small but powerful moment reminded me of my family and where I descend from. My dad is part Native American and descends from the Sioux and Cherokee Tribe. I think there are many times in our lives where we can take our family for granted, but if decor can remind us of who we are and where we come from it can be an important part of our daily lives.

You’ve had a long day. Arriving at home from school, work, building Rome or whatever you dedicate your time to throughout the day. Its gloomy outside and the sun has not merely peeked once. You start to feel tired just as you open your room door and it’s filled with light, vibrant colors. You have fluffy pillows everywhere and Succulent plants on the window sill. You have your favorite forest green comforter on your bed and your rose gold disco light on your nightstand. That scenario is exactly an example of why decor matters. I believe that decor is essential in a space because it sets the tone of the room, it allows expression and also because it can make or break a space.

The decor of a space can set a tone for the area. It allows you to control the mood and energy in the space. If you have more serious, contemporary art and furniture then that would be considered a modern feel. Modern decor has a structured energy to it. Whereas you had d.i.y, rustic, playful art that would be considered eclectic. Much more relaxed and upbeat feel to it. The mood of your house directly affects you and your company. It’s just interesting to think about how decor can alter emotion.

When a person decorates an area their ideas come directly from their aesthetic. When you are putting a space together it reflections your feeling and your style. That can be conveyed from the paint on the wall to the throw pillow and blankets on your couch. Essentially anything that you decorate is an extension of you because it reflects what is appealing to you.

Just like the decor can make you feel like you’re in a penthouse suite at a five-star hotel. Decor can also make you feel like your in a taxi derby.  Depending on the pieces in a space it could create comfort, make a room appear larger, and also can be conversation starters. Those are all things that people think about when they think ‘what is a space for me’.

There are so many different variations of decorations and their placements. Decor is great for creating the perfect mood. It allows for someone to express themselves. Also can make or break a space by enlarging it or giving it a pop of comfort. I love to put my touch in the places I spend most of my time. Decor is essentially for each and every space.




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