Area Rugs in Watkinsville GA

When I was sixteen I finally got my own room to decorate and paint as I saw fit. There was something so exhilarating about rearranging the furniture, hanging drawings from friends, and painting the walls. Having my own room gave me a sense of freedom, but I also began to find my own sense of style. If you type “home decor” into a search engine you will find images ranging from stark empty rooms that were designed by a minimalist with bright colorful bedrooms for children. There is a wide variety and it is difficult to pin down just one style. I found myself torn as a young woman, unsure if I desired to play into my more childish side that wanted the bright colors and shiny objects, or my more grown-up side that wanted wooden furniture and rustic accents. It’s difficult to pin down one style, but it is more difficult to pin down the tastes of an adolescent when looking for area rugs in Watkinsville GA.



Instead of choosing one style, I was determined to do all of them. I painted the walls a color called spring green with a trimming called electric lime. That combination was as bright as it sounds. After the painting was finished I put in the wooden furniture that I wanted. A floor length jewelry cabinet with a mirror, two wooden bookshelves, a wooden desk, and a wooden chair. The only wooden thing that was painted was my dresser, which was the same spring green as the walls. I had found my decorating style. It was a balance between childhood and adulthood, which was exactly where I was at the time. Looking back, I realize the brightness of the walls may have been excessive, but that was who I was then. Decor matters, because it is a reflection of who you are as a person. It’s a glimpse into your life.